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During your stay at Marathonview you will be surrounded by original works of art. Thus you can come in close contact with contemporary Greek art and acquire originals in prices set by the artists themselves as well as -if you like- get to know with them personally for interesting exchange of thoughts.
Please notice that the works of art are originals and they should be treated with care.

Spiridoula Politi was born in Greece. She has graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has also taken philosophy classes at the Athens School of Fine Ars-politits.
Apart from that she has attended lessons of classic guitar at the National conservatoire of Athens. She has taken part to several solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works are part of private collections and Greek museums.
She lives and works in Athens.

From the series “Made by Loula in GR”
Ι paint clothes or alter my clothes because through this process I feel that I uncover or discover myself as a member of the Greek community in which I live and interact.
Clothing is the witness of the individual in his/her absence revealing his/her social status both intellectual and financial. My attempt resulted in gigantic, imposing forms which emphasize discipline, rigor and superiority.
The imposing oversize clothes I paint created in me the need to attach titles to the works in a surrealistic vein. What pleases me by giving these titles is that it makes me feel that they change to some extent the painterly dimension through contradictory messages, humor, self sarcasm and irony.
The words “Made by Loula in GR” hides a utopia, a self sarcasm in the sense that despite Greece’s problems I continue to believe in making Art. I feel the need to declare my existence at this moment in this country and the space I live in!

Website: http://www.spiridoulapoliti.com

IMG_0194Stathis Alexopoulos was born in Athens in 1976 where he lives and works. He studied sculpture at theSchool of Fine Arts Panormos Tinos and the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, where he graduated with distinction. One of his great interests is Sculpture in Public Places. His creations adorn many big Municipalities of Greece. He has co-operated with big companies and has participated with his creations in their advertising campaigns. Moreover he has created works of contemporary aesthetics for big night clubs in Athens.

He believes that contemporary sculpture should be based on the concrete values of classic sculpture, and that the shape and its dynamic are those which define a work of art and its meaning. He integrates the art of sculpture with the trends of contemporary design. He is interested in designing and creating useful objects, which still however remain works of art.

Website: http://www.stathisalexopoulos.gr


Daily half board meal (breakfest and dinner) in restaurant.

Complimentary white and red wines

Enjoy the dawn at the island

Eat as much as you can all you can eat

Reservation for this event is required


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